Meet My Best Friend-My Mom


May 7.

The day the world was blessed with the most amazing woman.

This woman is kind. She is protective, selfless, funny, honest, beautiful, talented, loving, real, hard working, and so much more. Anyone would be lucky to spend even 5 minutes in this woman’s presence. I consider myself extra lucky though, because I’ve gotten to spend my entire life looking up to this incredible woman and getting to call her mom.

As I continue to get older, and look back on my life, the one thing that is consistent within every memory is this; no matter how hard things got for me,-and trust me, I’ve dealt with a lot more than most people even know-I could always count on one person to get me through.

That person is my best friend in the entire world; my mom. 13138794_1193710187307867_9033414808916679894_n

Over the last 19, almost 20 years, I have had the privilege of knowing, that no matter what stupid situation I got myself into, she would be right there to save me.

I’ve watched her a lot over the course of my life, even when she didn’t realize I was watching. Through all those years of watching her, and looking up to her I’ve come to realize something.

No matter how down she got on herself, when she was beyond stressed. When she got self-conscious, when she put her health aside to make sure her family was taken care of, when she gave up her entire life to raise her children.

I’ve watched her put on a brave face for my brothers and I before silently breaking down when she was alone, only to put that brave face right back on and be strong as ever for everyone else.

I’ve seen the pure joy on her face as she sings and dances, the music flowing through every part of her from her voice to her body, so naturally and effortlessly.

I’ve watched her do it all. I’ve seen her get so hard on herself, but what she never realized was that even though in her eyes she had done so much wrong, in my eyes she is the most amazing woman on the planet.

18425573_1542209535791262_7690220511132122767_nIn my eyes, my mom is a superhero. A beautiful, selfless, woman who would do anything for her family. She is strong and wise.

I honestly have never met someone as strong as my mom.  I look at how she handles every obstacle thrown her way and I truly admire her strength and courage.

Her independence is something I strive to achieve in my life. The love in her heart is something I hope to one day have in mine. The pure happiness in her eyes as she sings her favorite songs on our long car rides and we both dance like dorks to broadway playlists. (Seriously, you should see us jamming to Hairspray, Mamma Mia, and Grease, we have all those routines down!)

17457687_10213145150731812_5252575596183241965_nThere is nothing in this world that I am more grateful for than the special bond my mom and I share together.

It’s such a special bond, that only grows stronger as we grow older. Through all the laughter and the tears we’ve shared. From the worry, to the smiles, there is this unbreakable trust between us.

We have a life long friendship built on love and hardships that nothing can or will, ever get in the way of.

I am the luckiest girl in the world, to have this woman as my mom.


Mom, I feel like no matter how many times I tell you I love you, it wouldn’t be enough to fully describe the love and admiration I have for you.

I could spend all the money in the world on gifts for you, and it wouldn’t be enough to repay you for everything you have done for me.

You are my hero, my best friend in the entire world, and the best mom I could have ever asked for.

Happy Birthday Mama.

I love you more than anything.

xoxo, Juliana

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