Pageant win! America’s U.S. Miss 2018


Hey everyone! Wow does it feel good to finally have some time to sit down and write. My July was crazy packed with so many exciting opportunities that I haven’t had time to catch my breath but after a month of fun I am finally able to sit back, reflect, and fill you all in.

Starting with July 10. The day I was crowned your 2018 America’s U.S. Miss!


America’s U.S. Miss is a system that has held a place in my heart for the past 8 years now. I was just 12 years old when I got on that national stage for the first time. The picture to the left was taken just moments after the final pageant back in 2010. Unfortunately I didn’t walk away with the national crown that year, and although I’m still smiling in that picture, the water works definitely came not long after. I just remember feeling so defeated, yet still so hungry to achieve that goal I had set for myself.

The following years were full of ups and downs. I competed in various pageants, I took some time off, I struggled with personal problems, so much had been thrown at me, and so many things had been changing as I grew older, but one of the things that hadn’t changed, was that goal to get the national title, I just had to figure out how to do it.


So, 8 years later I decided to give it another try. Becoming the 2018 Miss California U.S. Miss I set my eyes on that national crown again and began preparing for the pageant, which if you read my last blog post, you know that while preparing I was hit with some bumps in the road (literally).  As I was getting ready for nationals, things were going wrong left and right, and I had  moments where I questioned if I could do this and if I should even bother going to nationals. It was a difficult time, and a tough decision but I am so happy with the one I made.

As that first weekend of July rolled around, I got on a plane to Clearwater, Florida and was immediately thrown into a week of fun. From glow parties, fun themed rehearsals, pool parties, beautiful beach sunsets and getting to meet girls from all over the country, I had one of the best weekends of my entire life.

By the time the final pageant rolled around, the happiness and confidence I felt was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, I didn’t think I could feel any happier, that is until that national crown was placed on my head.


After 8 years of hard work, stress, tears, and determination I was named your 2018 America’s U.S. Miss and I could not be more thrilled!



Standing on that stage with my new sister queens, I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face, I don’t think any of us could. I’ve always wanted a sister and as I stood there looking at each of their smiling faces I realized I was now leaving with 6 sisters!

I feel so blessed and excited for this upcoming year and having the opportunity to share it with these beautiful girls and I can’t wait to see what is in store for us throughout our reign!



It’s been a month now since I was crowned and everything is still sinking in for me. Over my years of pageantry I’ve won some, and I’ve lost some. I had supporters and I had a whole lot of doubters. People that didn’t think I was capable of achieving my goals, but now I can say through hard work and determination, I did it. I achieved my goal. And now, I get to enjoy my reign and work for the next year as your America’s U.S. Miss 2018!


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