Fourth of July Cut Crease Makeup look | Part three!


Hey Beauties!

Welcome to day 3 of my Fourth of July makeup series!

The last two looks, were definitely a little more understated, perfect for someone that just wants a subtle yet patriotic look. However, today we are dipping into some more color and creating this beautiful patriotic half cut crease!

I love this look because even though it’s colorful and a little out there, it’s not too much and can definitely still be worn out, whatever your Fourth of July plans may be!


close up

First things first, we want to prep our lids, you can do this with a primer or a concealer. I’m just using some concealer and a little bit of setting powder.

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 9.19.11 PM


Then, going into my Morphe x James Charles Palette, I’m taking the shades ‘Cola’ and Acapella’ on a fluffy blending brush, and I’m going to apply this to my crease.



Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 9.24.02 PM


With another blending brush, I’m going to pick up the shade ‘playground’ and apply this slightly above the last two shades, before blending them all together.





Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 10.40.49 AM


Next going into the shade ‘ring light’ on a smaller shadow brush, I’m going to apply this to my brow bone.





Then grabbing a clean makeup wipe, I’m going to clean up any fallout, and start to carefully remove the makeup on my lid. Once my lid is clean, I’m going to take a little bit of concealer and a flat concealer brush and cut my crease.

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 10.45.19 AM



Next taking a flat shadow brush, I’m going to dip into the shade ‘flashback’  and apply this all over my lid and the inner corner of my eye.




Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 10.47.27 AM



After that, I’m taking going to go back into the shade ‘Acapella’ and smoke out the outer corner of my eye.

I’m also going to take this shade on a small detailing brush and smudge this across my lower lash line.




Moving onto eyeliner, if you saw yesterday’s post, you’ll know that I can’t find a shade of red eyeliner that I like anywhere (let me know if you guys know a good one!) so instead of using a typical liner I’m taking a liner brush and my Ben Nye Rainbow Wheel, and I’m just going to dip into the red face paint and draw a wing on with that.

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 9.06.37 PM

Because we did obviously use a face paint for eyeliner, I want to make sure it’s really set in place and it’s not going to smear anywhere so on another liner brush, I’m going back to my Morphe x James Charles palette and just dipping into the shade ‘You’re Kidding’ and applying this right over that wing.

Then just apply some False Lashes and Mascara and you are all ready!


and that is the finished look!

Thank you guys for reading! I hope you like this look!

If you haven’t already seen my last two Fourth of July looks you can check part one and part two out now on my blog as well as my YouTube channel!

If any of you guys decide to recreate this look, be sure to tag me, I’d love to see your guys’ pictures!

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Stay tuned for my last Fourth of July look coming tomorrow!

Thank you again for reading, I will see you all tomorrow with another look!

Xx, Juliana

Fourth of July makeup! | Easy and Wearable!


Hey beauties!

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, I really wanted to do some Fourth of July inspired makeup looks, but I couldn’t just pick one look, so over the next four days I will have a new Fourth of July inspired makeup look right here on my blog as well as on my YouTube and Instagram!

Kicking off this mini series, I have a super simple, yet beautiful eye makeup look that you can rock whether you are a beginner or advanced makeup artist!

If you’re looking for a makeup look that is easy to do, wearable, and patriotic, this is the look for you!


First things first, we’re going to set our lids with some concealer and powder, so your eye is all prepped and ready for the makeup!

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 8.54.37 PM copy

Then going in to my BH Cosmetics Opalescent palette I’m going to be mixing the shades ‘Dainty’ and ‘Gorgeous’ on a fluffy blending brush and blending that into my crease.



Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 9.01.29 PM


Next on a flat shadow brush, I’m going back into that same palette and picking up the shade ‘Star’ applying this to the lid, focusing mainly on the inner third of the lid.



Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 5.26.00 PM


Then, taking any blue liquid eyeliner, I’m using this royal blue Handaiyan liquid matte eyeliner, and you’re just going to draw a basic wing.


Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 9.06.37 PM



Next, going into my Morphe x James Charles palette I’m dipping into the shade ‘You’re Kidding’ and smudging this across my lower lash line.


Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 9.11.21 PM


After that, I’m grabbing some glitter glue and this Starlit Studio Kaleidoscope Eyeshadow quad and with a small detailing brush I’m applying this to the inner corner of my eye, carefully bringing it up onto the inner third of the lid.



Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 9.16.40 PM



With another small detailing brush, I’m going to grab a little more glitter glue as well as these holographic stars from Electric Bliss Beauty and I’m going to apply them right underneath my wing.



Then taking a white eyeliner, I’m going to apply this to my waterline, followed by a coat of mascara to my top and bottom lashes, as well as a pair of false lashes, I used the Ardell Wispies!


There you go! An easy, beautiful Fourth of July look for you to rock whatever your plans may be!

Thank you guys so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post!

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Thank you again for reading!

I will see you all tomorrow with another makeup look!

Xx, Juliana

Super Bowl Sunday – New England Patriots Inspired Glam


Hi Loves!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Just because today is about football, doesn’t mean we can’t get glammed up too, right? I was trying to think of some fun, new ideas for looks last night when I thought it would be fun to do a Super Bowl glam. I’m definitely rooting for the Patriots today, so I thought I would create a makeup look inspired by the New England Patriots!

Now I knew I needed to have very pigmented blues, reds, and whites, to achieve this look so I reached for my MorphexJamesCharles palette because, hello? What other palette has shadows this bright and pigmented?

I am really happy with how this look came out! If you want to find out exactly how I created this look then keep on reading!


Let’s Get Started!


DSC_0594Like I mentioned earlier, I did this look using only the James Charles palette.

The first shade I dipped into was Acapella which is this gorgeous blue shade, and began lightly blending into my crease.


When using colorful shadows like this I definitely prefer to start very lightly and build my way up to the desired color, just to help the blending process go a lot smoother.

Then grabbing my concealer and a flat concealer brush, I just carefully cut my crease.


Once that was done, I went back to my MorphexJamesCharles palette with a flat shadow brush, and went in with the shade Flashback and applied this all over my lid




Then, with another flat shadow brush, I went in You’re Kidding and applying this to the outer half my lid



Then going back to that first shade we used; Acapella I’m taking it on a pencil brush and smudging it through my lower lash line.

After that I just lined my lid with some black liquid eyeliner, and took a royal blue pencil liner and applied that to my water line.

Then, I just applied some mascara and popped on my false lashes, today I used the Ardell Clutter Wispies


and, that is the finished look!

I hope you guys enjoyed this look, I had a lot of fun creating this Patriots Inspired makeup look!

Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl?

If you have any requests for future posts, be sure to let me know either in the comments or through my  Instagram or Twitter !

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I’ll see you guys next time!

xx, Juliana


Sultry New Year’s Eve Smokey Eye – ABH Soft Glam Palette


If you’re wanting to glam up for New Years Eve tonight but you’re not one for the bright colors and crazy glitter, don’t you worry because I have you covered!

I put together this sultry, smokey eye that will have you looking glamorous for all your party plans tonight!

Keep reading to get all the details on this look!


Let’s Get Started!

For this look I’m going to be using my Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Soft Glam palette.


To start off, I’m going to grab a little bit of Dusty Rose on a fluffy brush and blend it into my crease.





Then, dipping into the shade Burnt Orange, I’m applying that to my crease as well, grabbing a clean blending brush to blend the two shades together. 




Moving on to the lid, I’m going to lightly spray my flat shadow brush with Mario Badescu’s Rose water spray and then dip into the shade Rose Pink and apply it all over the lid. 

I love spraying my brush before applying my shadow to really get that pigmented look I want. 



Grabbing another flat brush, I’m going in with the shade Sultry and applying this to the lid as welll, starting at the outer corner of my life, and working my way into the center of my lid. 




Then, grabbing another fluffy brush, I’m going to grab a little bit of Cyprus Umber and apply that to my outer v, and blending it all together. 


Once the shadows are done, I’m just going to tight-line and line my waterline with a black pencil liner, then grabbing a liquid eyeliner to create a wing on both eyes. 

To pull the whole look together, I applied mascara to my top and lower lashes and added my Ardell Double Demi Wispies false lashes.


and, that is the finished look!

I hope you guys liked this sultry glam eye. As always, if you recreate the look be sure to tag me in your photos on Instagram and Twitter I would love to see it!

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I hope you all have an amazing (and safe!)  New Year’s Eve tonight with your family and/or friends!

Xx, Juliana

Colorful New Years Eve Glam


Hey loves!

Can you believe tomorrow is New Years Eve?! 2018 has seriously flown by!

With tomorrow being New Years Eve, I have been trying to think of what look I wanted to wear tomorrow night, and I thought I would share one of my options with you guys.

I thought it would be fun to play around with some bright colors and glitter, because let’s be real, what’s a New Years look with no glitter?

So, if you want to find out how the achieve this look, keep reading!


Let’s Get Started! 



To start this look off, I grabbed my Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism palette and dipped into the shade Lure with a fluffy brush blending it into my crease.




Next, with that same fluffy brush I went into the shade Eden also applying that to my crease and then just grabbing a clean blending brush to blend the two shades togethe



Then, grabbing my concealer and a flat concealer brush I went ahead and cut my crease.

DSC_0366Once that was done, I grabbed my BH Cosmetics, Sixth Edition 120 Color Eyeshadow palette, and went with a flat eyeshadow brush into this really pretty turquoise blue shadow applying it all over my lid

Then with a small pencil brush, I took that same color and blended it to the inner corner of my lower lash line.


After applying that last shadow to my lid, the color was a little lighter than I wanted for this look, so I went ahead and dipped into this darker, royal blue color and applied it to my lid as well, focusing mainly on the outer third of my eye.


And with a small pencil brush, I also applied it to my lower lash line, blending it in with that turquoise color we applied a moment ago.

The two shades of blue were beautiful on their own, but because it’s New Years Eve, I wanted to go a little more out and take the look one step further with some glitter!

Now for a normal look, glitter glue is definitely the way you should go when it comes to loose glitter, however I did not have that on hand.


What I did have though, is a glitter lipgloss from CoverGirl.

Again, you definitely should go for the glitter glue to keep your look lasting much longer, and the glitter in place but desperate times call for desperate measures.

I took a tiny bit of this lip gloss with a small, flat brush and applied it to the inner corner of my lid, taking it the slightest bit into the center.


Then, with that same brush I grabbed this super pretty loose silver glitter from BH Cosmetics and applied it over the gloss to the inner corner of my lid.



Once the glitter had set I tight-lined my eye with a black pencil liner, and grabbed a royal blue liner to apply to my water line.

Then, finally I applied mascara to my top and lower lashes, and applied some false lashes; for this look I used the Ardell Double Demi Wispies.


And we are all done!

I hope you enjoyed this look! Be sure to follow my blog and give this post a like!

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I hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve tomorrow!

Have fun but also remember to be safe!

I will see you all next time!

Xx, Juliana

Christmas Glam – Tarte Pineapple of my Eye palette!


Hey loves! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas yesterday with your loved ones!

Yesterday, for Christmas I got the Tarte cosmetic’s Pineapple Of My Eye palette and right away I knew I had to dig right in and create a look!


Opening the palette I was in love with the beautiful shades. I love golden, warm toned shadows so the top half of this palette is right up my alley!

However, when I looked at all the shadows, my attention immediately gravitated towards the green, shimmery shadow coastal at the bottom of the palette.

Since  the warm, golden eye looks-which the palette has incredible shadows for- are my favorite, so I decided to stick to that sort of look while incorporating  ‘coastal’ for a pop of Christmas color!


Let’s Get Started!

beach read
Starting off with a fluffy brush, I dipped into the shade beach read and applied it to my crease.


Next, grabbing a flat shadow brush, I’m going into the shade mango and applying this all over my lid, focusing more on the inner third of my eye










Once that’s on my lid, I’m going to go ahead and grab that fluffy brush we used before and blend everything out so there are no harsh edges.

Then, taking a small pencil brush, I dipped back into mango and applied it to the inner corner of my lower lash line.




Then, grabbing a slightly smaller shadow brush, I’m gonna grab coastal and apply it to the outer corner of my lid

Now with this shade especially, you will build up color a lot easier by using patting motions, rather than swiping the shadow on.

Once that is done, I’m just going to grab that same fluffy brush we’ve been using and blend everything together.

Then, I went ahead and grabbed a small pencil brush and dipped back into coastal and applied it along my lower lash line.



Once I was happy with how the shadows looked, I just thinly applied some eyeliner, popped on some false lashes and that was the completed look!


Crease: “Beach Read” Lid: “Mango” Outer corner + Lower Lash Line “Coastal”

I was really happy with how this look turned out yesterday. It was simple, yet beautiful with a fun pop of color!

I hope you guys enjoyed this look! Be sure to tag me on Instagram @julianajawarish or twitter, also @julianajawarish if you recreate the look, I would love to see it!!

Also let me know if there are any looks you would like to see me do here on my blog!

I hope you guys have been enjoying your holiday season, and had a wonderful Christmas yesterday. What was your favorite gift you received or gifted to someone this year? Let me know below!

Xx, Juliana


My April Favorites!

As I’m writing this I’m just in awe of how quickly 2018 is going by, I mean it’s already May?!? The past month has been so crazy for me between school, work, and all the added stresses that come with being a young adult, but I guess crazy is good sometimes right? (please just agree with me to make me feel better).

I tried a lot of different products this past month but I’ve narrowed it down to my top 5 April beauty favorites!

  1. First Aid Beauty, Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer fileAsset

For a while, I was never really into primers, I just didn’t see a point in them. BUT, this priming moisturizer is heaven in a bottle, for combination skin especially. I always struggled with finding the perfect foundation that wasn’t too matte and dry looking but still wasn’t super dewy. As I was trying to find the perfect finish for my foundation routine I started using this product with my Kat Von D Lock-It foundation, and it was like the heavens opened up and angels started singing because this finish was exactly what I had been looking for! This priming moisturizer gives you that naturally dewy look, and with the matte foundation on top it gives me the perfect mix of matte and dewy in all the right places.


2. Tarte, Color Splash Lipstick – in Beach Babe 99f30b678d09e8977f74a9b5c414f969.jpeg

I have been on the search for the perfect nude lipstick for the longest time and I finally found it! I loved this lipstick so much that for the first time I actually went through an entire tube of lipstick before losing it or getting tired of it. The color splash lipstick from Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea collection in the shade beach babe is such a beautiful pink nude color, it applies easily and feels so smooth on your lips.

   3. Too Faced, Glitter POP! Peel-Off Eyeliner- in I’m Half Mermaid

7E0C8822-C017-4FEF-B22F-36D0D5201D91As Coachella rolled around and I sat there scrolling through everyone’s photos with a major case of FOMO yet again. As much as I wish it was acceptable to wear full on Coachella glam to work, it doesn’t really work out, but a little glitter never hurt anyone right? Which led me to use this eyeliner on my lower lash line.  I had bought this peel off eyeliner in the shade I’m Half Mermaid months ago but never used it until this month, and I LOVED it. It applies easily, it’s buildable so you can either have just a subtle liner or really build it up to get the color to pop even more, not to mention, color is beautiful and the glitter is amazing!

  4. NYX, Matte Finish Setting Spray NYX-Matte-Finish-Long-Lasting-Setting-Spray

Like primers, setting sprays are also something that I’ve been iffy about, and questioned whether or not they’re actually worth purchasing. When I’m busy running around all day and working, my makeup would always start sliding and getting shiny especially around my T-zone. I needed something that would keep my makeup in place throughout the day. I’ve had this setting spray on hand for a while now but only recently picked it up again and started using it and I finally remembered why I purchased it in the first place. No matter how much I’m running around, how hot I get, whatever it is, my makeup stays exactly as it was that morning. No shininess, no sliding, nothing. This setting spray is amazing and the fact that it is such an affordable price, makes it even better!

  5. Too Faced Candlelight Glow-Warm Glow Highlighter Too-Faced-Candelight-Glow-Highlighting-Powder-Duo-Warm-Glow-1

I’m a sucker for highlighters! I’ve never tried any Too Faced highlighters until this one, and I was pleasantly surprised. It leaves such a beautiful glow, without being TOO blinding. I mean I’m all for a blinding highlight but sometimes you want something a little more subtle, but not too subtle. I mix both shades in the compact and it leaves such a gorgeous highlight. Too Faced Candlelight glow in warm glow is stunning and it is the perfect everyday highlighter!

These products have been my beauty essentials throughout April! There’s a bunch of other things I tried out this month that I fell in love with too, but if I keep going we could be here all week, so I figured I’d cut it at this top 5.

What products have you been loving? Let me know in the comments!