Fourth of July Makeup Look | Fun, Cute, and Beginner Friendly!


Hey Beauties!

Welcome back to day two of my Fourth of July makeup series! If you missed day one’s look, you can check it out here!

Today’s look is another super easy, wearable makeup look, but this one does have a few intricate details within the look, that make it look a lot more complicated than it actually is!

Whether you’re able to go out with friends this Fourth of July or you are having low-key at home celebrations with family, this look is sure to blow everyone away and have you feeling festive and fabulous all day long!


Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 10.49.21 PM

First things first, you’re going to want to set your eyelids. I just use a little concealer and setting powder.

Then, taking a black liquid liner, I’m using the BH Cosmetics Liquid Liner, you’re going to go ahead and draw out this open wing.

How high you take this liner is ultimately going to depend on your own eye shape. For me, I have hooded eyes, so I took my liner a good bit above my crease, but that might not be the case for you.

The best way to decide how high or low you need to take the liner is to look at yourself straight on in the mirror and carefully map out which placement will best compliment your eyes, and go from there.

Don’t worry if your liner comes out a little messy when you first apply it, if there are any flaws you find, just grab some concealer and a flat concealer brush and carefully clean it up.

close up 2Now for the fun part! You’re going to want to grab some red, white, and blue liquid eyeliners to start adding the dots.

For my blue and white eyeliner, I used these Handaiyan matte liquid eyeliners that I bought off amazon.

I couldn’t find a red eyeliner in the shade that I liked, so instead I used my Ben Nye Rainbow Wheel face paint and dipped into the red paint in the wheel.

I took a broken bobby pin and simply coated the ends of the pin with the liners/face paint and carefully began dotting sporadically around the wing. You don’t have to be particular about this by any means, just make sure you leave room in between each dot to ensure you have room for all three colors.

Then I grabbed my CoverGirl LiquilineBlast eyeliner pencil in ‘Blue Boom’ and applied it to my waterline.

I wanted to really emphasize that blue, so I grabbed my Morphe x James Charles palette and a small detailing brush, dipping into the shade ‘Acapella’ and smudging that across my lower lash line.

To finish the look off, I just applied some mascara and false lashes, I used my Ardell Wispies as usual.

Look 2

And, that is the finished look!

I love how this look turned out! It’s so easy to do, while looking way more complicated than it actually is! With just a couple easy steps, you have a gorgeous, eye catching makeup look that you can rock this fourth of July!

I hope you guys like this look as much as I do! If you decide to recreate it, be sure to tag me on Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok I would love to see it your gorgeous faces rocking this look!

I also have a video of this look up on my YouTube channel as well if you guys would like to check that out as well!

Also, if you haven’t seen yesterdays blog post, be sure to check it out now for another easy fourth of July makeup look! I still have two more looks coming in the next few days, and if you’re ready to dip into some more color you’re going to want to see those looks! Make sure you are following so you can be notified every time I have a new post!

Thank you again for reading! I will see you all tomorrow with another makeup look!

Xx, Juliana