My Top Summer 2018 Outfits! | Fashion Friday

It’s sadly that time of year that every student dreads. The end of summer and the beginning of a new semester.

Well, considering fall Is my favorite season, and I actually enjoy what I’m studying in college, I don’t know how much I dread it, but I will definitely miss the beach days. relaxing by the pool, the traveling, and most definitely the summer fashion.

I got to wear a lot of beautiful outfits this season, so I decided to round up my top 5 looks that I wore during Summer 2018 and share them with you all!

Look 1: Top Forever 21 Shorts and Choker: Jewlz Fashion Boutique


This look was by far my favorite to rock this summer! This is the season to rock those bright colors, and this top did not disappoint. The vibrant colors work together so seamlessly and really give you that fun, summery vibe. The way the top flows in the wind is so beautiful it makes me feel like I’m back on the runway even if I’m just walking along the beach. The choker really helped make this outfit for me too! The colors were literally a perfect match for the top and when it came together, the whole look gave me major festival vibes.

Look 2: Dress: Forever 21 Jacket and Booties: Jewlz Fashion Boutique


Leopard was huge this summer and I am all for it! I found this shift dress at Forever 21 and fell in love with it! Not only is the print cute and on trend this season but it is so comfortable! I mean, this is easily the softest material I’ve ever felt on a dress, and it’s super lightened airy which is definitely good for those hot summer days. As hot as summer is here in California, and definitely in Florida where I wore this outfit, I’m still that crazy person that gets cold all the time, especially towards the end of the day, so having this bomber jacket was key for me! It’s not too heavy so it kept me feeling good when I started to get a bit chilly and added a nice pop of color!

Look 3: Romper and Earrings: Jewlz Fashion Boutique


Bright colors and fun prints might be big during the summer months, but sometimes you just want to go for a nice solid piece. However, solid doesn’t have to be boring. I absolutely love this navy lace up romper from Jewlz Fashion Boutique. The gold detailing along the lace up is beautiful, the cut outs hit in a flattering spot, and the ruffle along the shoulders adds a cute feminine touch. Its simple, but still hot, perfect for a fun night out!

Look 4: Two Piece Set: Jewlz Fashion Boutique


Say Aloha to your new favorite summer set! I really liked this look, the Hawaiian vibe from the floral print is stunning, and it’s very good quality and feels really nice on! The top is really cute, and with the adjustable straps and tie on the front, you can shift it around a bit to make sure you are held in nicely. My favorite thing about this set though, are the pants! The cutouts are perfect, not too low not to high, and super flattering!

Look 5: Set: Jewlz Fashion Boutique


Who says a girly girl can’t look sporty every now and then? This set is so cute! The whole look gave me J.Lo vibes and makes me want to be one of her dancers (or just be her) even more than I already do. White and grey aren’t usually colors I go for, but this set definitely changed my mind about it. I love how light it is, the pattern is really cool, and it gives you that athletic look while still being fashionable!

Well, there you have my favorite looks for the season! As I put this together I noticed a shopping pattern; Jewlz Fashion Boutique and Forever 21! I clearly have my favorites!

What are your favorite stores to shop at? and What were your favorite trends this summer?

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